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skugga ceremonial cacao collection

At Skugga, nestled in the lush landscapes of Chiang Mai, Thailand, we are passionate about crafting chocolate experiences that celebrate the pure essence of cacao. Our journey begins with the careful selection of IM1 variety cacao beans, sourced directly from local farmers who share our commitment to quality and sustainability. From tree to bar, every step of our process is infused with love and respect for nature.

a harmony of nature and pleasure

Embrace the magic of ceremonial cacao and embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation with our exquisite collection of products. Join us in honoring the spirit of cacao and nurturing your body, mind, and soul.


What is Ceremonial Cacao?

Ceremonial cacao is not just chocolate; it is a sacred plant medicine that has been revered by indigenous cultures for centuries. Unlike traditional chocolate, ceremonial cacao is minimally processed, typically in its raw, unroasted form. It is valued not only for its rich flavor but also for its profound spiritual and medicinal properties.


What Does a Cacao Ceremony Involve?

A cacao ceremony is a sacred ritual that honors the spirit of cacao and invites participants to connect with themselves and the natural world on a deeper level. During a ceremony, ceremonial cacao is consumed in a sacred space, often accompanied by meditation, music, and heartfelt intentions. This ancient practice is believed to facilitate healing, introspection, and spiritual awakening.


Benefits of Ceremonial Cacao

Medically, ceremonial cacao is known to contain potent antioxidants and minerals that support heart health, improve cognitive function, and boost mood. Spiritually, cacao is revered as a plant ally that opens the heart chakra, enhances creativity, and fosters a sense of unity and connection.

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