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Skugga Chocolate Bar and Slow bar

Our Story

The company started as a father and sons venture in the coffee business in 2016, with a 250 Rai (100 Acre) plantation in the mountains outside of Chiang Mai. The brand was created at that time, using the Swedish word "Skugga" which means "shade", paying homage to our shade grown forest coffee.

The branding and the high quality handcrafted products has been a success with consumers, who appreciated our genuine tree to bar/cup, end to end production and what the brand stands for and :

Quality                     Handcrafted                   Authenticity

Honesty                  Knowledge Sharing       Welcoming


Where lifestyle meets agriculture!

From Our Estate to Your Palate

After planting 40,000 coffee trees in the mountain forest, Skugga expanded into cacao, avocado and macadamia, with its farm in Mae On 30 minutes from Chiang Mai city. The Farm is the center for processing all products, and the home to the Chocolate Bar, Tea Bar, Roll Bar Bakery, BarBQ, Roastery, Gift Shop and Skugga Classic Car Garage.

The planting of our Vineyard - situated 2 minutes from the farm - took place over 2021-2023. The Vineyard will also have a tasting room, cellar and restaurant. A 10 "Forest Cabin" accommodation project next to the Vineyard started in 2023 and will open in 2024. The reception building will house the Skugga Gin Bar.

Meet the Team

Our team helps make the Skugga experience the way that it is!

Anthony McDonald - Skugga Founder

Anthony McDonald 


The company's founder is a serial entrepreneur, who has had several successful Thai and regional businesses over the last 30 years. Anthony has built over 6 businesses and exited 3 businesses covering such diverse fields as Automotive, Software, Travel, Hotel Management and eCommerce. 

Skugga is a serious "passion" project for him, giving him creative freedom and the opportunity to work with local people, businesses and officials in a meaningful way.

Skugga Team

The Team

The Skugga team is a group of motivated, innovative, and creative individuals that help shape the identity of Skugga. Largely form local communities, and with limited experience, thy work and learn together in a fun and creative atmosphere. 

Together, they are the driving force behind Skugga’s success and continuous growth. 

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