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Our Coffee Processes

'Washed Process' Coffee

The coffee cherry is hulled to remove the skin and then fermented in water for two days and washed before solar drying.

'Natural Process' Coffee

The coffee cherry is dried without removing the skin through a mixture of shade & solar drying. This method gives the coffee a more fruity flavor as the seeds are fermented in the sugar of the coffee cherries.

'Honey Process' Coffee

Natural sugar-rich mucilage from the coffee cherry is kept on the bean during drying. While drying, the sun caramelizes the natural sugar, giving the coffee a complex sweetness.

Coffee Products

Premium Roasted Coffee Beans

Wash Process Coffee Beans

Washed Process

Natural Process Coffee Beans

Natural Process

Honey Process Coffee Beans

Honey Process

Specialty Coffee Beans - Anaerobic and Yeast Fermented

Rank #4

Specialty Coffee Beans

Go Forth and Conquer

Berry | Pineapple | Creamy

Thai Specialty
Coffee Award

Rank #5

Specialty Coffee Beans

Keeper of Armageddon

Dried Floral | Strawberry

Jam | Peach

The specialty range varies from year to year, and typically includes up to 8 types.

Contact us for availability  information.

Must Try!

Drip Bags & Capsules

Coffee Brew Drip Bags

Drip Bags

Brew Bag Style

Coffee Immersion Bags

Immersion Bags

Japanese Triangle Bag Style

Coffee Capsules

Coffee Capsules

Nespresso™ Compatible

Our Beans

Skugga Green Coffee Beans
Washed Green Beans

Most beans are available unroasted for customers to roast by themselves, including our green beans. Stocks and prices vary - please contact us for the latest information. 

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