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The Farm

The Plantation

Nestled in the breathtaking mountains of Chiang Mai, Thailand, lies the heart of our coffee and tea jewel - the plantation. With every sip, you can taste the essence of the mountains, the rich heritage of the region, and the commitment to quality that defines our company's legacy. 


As a specialty coffee & tea grower, we have a deep devotion to our plants and great pride in our unique location at Baan Pok Village, Chiang Mai.


Our coffee and tea is hand picked and sorted for quality control. We look at every detail to give you specialty grade coffee green beans.


We process all of our coffee and tea to give you the the very best coffee. With our in-farm roastery, we roast the beans to perfection.


We aspire to give each of our customers the true Skugga experience through our coffee and tea. The enjoyment from customers from the beans and leaves makes our work worth it.

Our Plantation Details

Our plantation is 250 Rai (99 acres)

Elevation: 1300-1400M

Region: Baan Pok, Chiang Mai, Thailand


20,000 Arabica Coffee Trees
15,000 Geisha Coffee Trees

500 Java Trees
2,000 Aged Assam Tea Trees (30-50 years old)


Facility Details:

6 workers bungalows
2 storage sheds
Dry racks and equipment
Small processing plant
1.2 Kilometers of year round mountain streams

Where We Started

The Skugga Story: Coffee & Tea Plantation

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