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Skugga Estate is now offering partnership opportunities of all kinds. With a desire to expand the Skugga ambiance and high-quality products created in Mae On, Chiang Mai, we are looking for interested potential investors to take a look below at our offerings.

Bridge at the Skugga Estate Farm

Join the Skugga Family

Skugga handcrafted Thai chocolate bars

Wholesale & Retailing

If you want to re-sell, distribute or  buy Skugga products in wholesale volumes, please click the buttons below.

Note: please reference the price list when filling out the order form.

Cacao Stout Beer

Collaborations & Co-branding

We have done a variety of collaborations with our products and are looking to expand these opportunities. If you want to collab with Skugga - including co-branding and OEM - please click the button below.

Skugga Farm Bakery and Gift Shop


We are looking for potential franchisees to join our family. Skugga is a prefect solution for people looking for a high margin, high profit F&B franchise with a unique and wide product range.


Ideal for new cafes or rebranding of an existing café.


Skugga Cabin Investment :
pa ROI

Skugga Estate is excited to announce the construction of our Forest Cabins. With beautiful mountain views and relaxing atmosphere, these cabins will be ready at the end of 2024.

Returns from nightly rental are expected to be 10-20%pa.

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