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Our main producing center and customer experience cafes and outlets are located at Skugga Estate - Farm, in Chiang Mai, Mae On. It is 30 minutes from the city center, directly on the 1317 highway.


Our main coffee and tea plantation is 1.2 hours outside the city center. Located in the mountains ('Doi')  at Bann Pok Village, close by the better known Mae Kampong and Thep Sadet village. The plantation is not open to vistors at this stage. 

Our Vineyard is underdevelopment and will be located just 30 minutes from the city, just before the Skugga Estate Farm. It is currently not open to visitors

We hope you visit our locations and experience our produce.

With Love,
Team Skugga

Sunset at the Skugga Farm

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Skugga Estate, Mae On,

Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Every day: 9:00 - 20:00

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