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Organic tea
Tea Processing

Organic Forest Grown Teas

How We Process Our Tea

We first convert the raw leaves from a Camellia Sinesis plant into a dried finished tea leaf ready for brewing. 

White, green, and black tea actually come from the same plant. However, the process in which the leaves and harvested, dried and/or rolled is what defines the tea type.


The tea trees at Skugga Estate range from 10-50 years old and are of the Assam varietal. Furthermore, the origins of who planted the tea is unknown - it was left to grow wild in the forests of Doi Saket, Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Expect some of the finest, clean, and aromatic organic tea!

Processing Types

Willowing tea

Green Tea

Straight after hand picking our tea, we heat the leaves to allow for the leaves to oxidize and turn brown/black. After a combination of roasting, rolling and cooling, the leaves are stored. Our rapid heating and cooling helps to maintain the bright natural flavors of the tea, resulting in a clean cup.

Roasting Tea

Black Tea

After hand picking our forest grown tea leaves, they are laid out to oxidize in a controlled environment. This oxidation or 'withering' allows oxygen to interact with the plant cell walls, turning the leaves dark brown. Consequently, this controlled process gives our black tea unique malty notes.

Organic White Tea

White Tea

We only harvest the tip of the tea left, allowing tiny white hairs to stay on the young leaf. Hence, the white in white tea. Our white tea is hand picked and delicately dried immediately without sunlight throughout controlled airflow and moisture. The tea is then stored right after drying and is ready to

be consumed.

Tea Products

Organic Green Tea

Organic Green Tea

Organic White Tea

Organic White Tea

Organic Black Tea

Organic Black Tea

Cacao Husk Tea

Organic Cacao Husk Tea

All teas can be enjoyed as either "Loose Leaf" or "Tea Bags"

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